Guys, what size suit jacket should I get?

I'm 6'3 about 175-185 lb(My weight fluctuates a lot) and I have a chest size of 42 inches. Some size charts say I should get a 40L others say I should get a 42L. The suit jacket is alfani if you want to know the brand. It's a slim fitting suit so I wouldn't want it all baggy. Which should I get


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  • You cannot go off a chart.

    I'm your height and not far off your weight. My chest is quite a bit below that. I wear a 41L when available.

    I'd be surprised if you fit a 40L when you have apparently a broader chest than me.

    It's really hard to say though, if you have a suit jacket that fits -well- and can measure the shoulder/chest/waist it would help. But there are so many measures you want right if you want a reasonable well fitting jacket, and the shoulder/chest really cannot be adjusted in a financially reasonable way.

      this is kind of how I want the suit to look when wearing

      I'm worried I'll look like this if I go too large this guy just does not fit his suit well.

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    • I exercise a lot and have very little body fat so a lot of weight comes from muscle. The suit is on clearance which is why I'm getting it. I'm saving like $400. Unfortunately the clearance ends tomorrow so I don't have the luxury of time. They have really good return policy so I'm not worried about being stuck with it I'm just worried about missing out on the great suit. I'm thinking I'll go with the 42L since that's my chest measurement and the suit is a slim fit suit so It being too big probably won't be a problem. I just was hoping if I was way off base someone would give me a heads up.

    • 42L is like the best fit, but it may not fit at all.

      There's no way it will have the drop you need (i. e. you could wear a baby in a wrap around your belly and still do the jacket up). That's easier for a tailor to adjust if the top half is great. If it isn't, send it back, keep looking.

      Also like i said, if the armholes are really low, don't even bother trying to alter. If you don't know what i mean by that, ask.

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