How do you get your best guy friend to like you?

how do you get your best guy friend to like you.

I've known him for years but just realized I have feelings for him

i don't know if he has feelings for me and I don't know how to find out either. I never know if he's flirting or just being nice

he calls me beautiful and baby, honey, babe etc,

but I just don't know.


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  • Funnily enough, I'm in the same situation you're in. He isn't my best friend...but we are pretty close, his a great friend of the families and my brother's bestfriend...yeah sticky situation.

    Anyway, I say just flirt with him, give him 'that' look and lots of phsycial contact. Touch his shoulder when you're talking, just be really touchy feely. Oh, and laugh - but don't do a fake laugh-. If he says something genuiely funny, laugh. Guys loving making girls he'll keep trying to be funny.

    That's what I did with my guy bestie and I can tell you exactly when he realised I was into him. The look on his face was so funny. Then slowly he started reciprocating those feelings and we went out last week on our first date.

    So just be you, I mean you're his friend so he obviously likes you for you...but you need to give him a few hints so he can finally realise that you don't just think of him as a friend.

    Erm back to the, is he flirting with you thing. Does he call other people beautiful, baby or honey, because if he does, that isn't flirting. I say listen to the way he says those names...does he get a funny look on his face (my guy friend would always get this grin, he'd try and hide when he called me Hansolo), does his voice go softer, louder or shakier when he says your nicknames? Because they are all signs.

    My guy bestie used to tease me to no end, paying me out over the stupidest mistakes. Ok he teased me all the time...before he started to like me, but he'll change the way he pays you out.

    Also the way he looks at you is a big sign. Trust me, the eyes give away guys feelings.

    Erm, what else.

    If the 'rate' of phsycial contact increases. Like, is he resting his hand on your shoulder, more often then normal? Is he brushing up against you 'accidentally'. Does he not move his knee away, if it happens to rest against yours? Does he 'lead' you through a crowd or in a certain direction by placing his hand on your lower back (another thing he started doing, when he started to like me)?

    Also, don't freak out if he doesn't text you back immediately, or e-mail you constantly. Guys aren't like girls in this respect. Not seeing or talking to the person they like for a few days is no big deal to them.

    Body language is another big thing to look out for. When my guy friend came up to talk to me, he would always look suprised/relieved (it was a really weird facial expression) but guys raise their eyebrows (they don't know they are doing it, it's sub-consious) when they see a girl they are into.

    Oh yeah, look at his feet. Are they pointed towards you, in group situations or even when you're alone together. Are they pigone toed - pointed in toward each other -(you've got the puppy in the bag, if he does this)...

    so yeah if you want anymore advice or whatever, comment or message me :)


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  • Go out drinking and then have kiss, that way if he's not into you can blame on the drink and if it does work hoorah.

  • 1. You probably shouldn't set your goal to get him to like you, that's a sort of thing that should occur naturally.

    2. Completely contradicting myself, here's how you get him to like you. Well you... *looks down at Kamio's page long answer* ... Well that's about it.

    Oh and boobs.


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