Girls, what look should I for in my makeover?

Hey y'all, long story short I am a young male who recently discovered my desire to cross dress. I looked up a makeup artist on craigslist & not only am I getting my makeup done but I am doing the works! wig, costume, photo shoot, its gonna be fabulous! so my question is what look should I go for?? I was thinking maybe retro pin up? maybe disney princess? this makeup artist has hundreds of costumes, wigs, etc so I really am kinda overwhelmed for a look I want to do. Best suggestion wins & I will post pics! xoxo - Ben


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  • Just be creative and make up your own. That sounds fun!

    • I'm so excited!

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    • Its exactly like this one but when its in the sun it is so shimmery I love it

    • Omg that's perfect it's so cute

  • Just pick out a few items that catch your eye then mix and match them

    • I am thinking retro pin up! Thoughts?