Girls, how do your bras fit? Do you have any fit issues? What are they?

What fit issues do you have with your bra? Is this with every bra? Or does it vary by bra (some fit, some don't)

And have you ever gotten fitted for your bra size? Or do you just try them on?

  • Band is too loose and pulls up in back or in front over my boobs
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  • Straps are too loose and fall down a lot
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  • Straps are too tight and dig into my shoulders even if they're all the way loose
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  • The cup cuts into my boobs sometimes
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  • I have 2 of these issues (Comment what issues they are)
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  • I have 3 or more of these issues (Comment what issues they are)
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  • I have no fit issues at all with my bra. It fits perfectly
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  • I'm a 38D but a lot of the time the cup fits right but I can't get the straps to or the cups are a little big but the band fits perfect or sometimes in certain brands a Dcup is too big but a Ccup is too small


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  • Perfect fit.

  • I learned how to measure myself using modern bra sizing standards at Went from wearing a 34C with band moving around, and straps falling to 30F/FF that is just perfect. It's still a little bit annoying buying bras since everything fits slightly different, even in the correct size. Still, I am much happier with my breasts now.

  • My bra is just too big. I wear a 34 DD and I have on a 40 D it's too big. The straps come down and it just doesn't fit right.

    • Why are you wearing such a different/wrong size in a bra right now if you know what the correct size is?

    • Because 34 DD is very common in the us and it's hard to find bras that size.

  • I love how much you care...

  • Buy the right bra you don't have fit issues.

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