Why beauty is attractive? From the evolution point of view the beauty is not an important factor for human

specie survival; not as important as health and strength, etc. So why ever since the ancient times the beauty is appealing? Why the Nature or God or whatever made us this way? When you look at it from strictly evolutionary point of view what does beauty bring to humans? Nothing! It does not give you more chances to survive.

Maybe someone has an answer.


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  • I'm sorry but you are completely wrong.

    Beauty is extrememly important from an evolutionary point of view. Did you know that as time goes on there are more beautiful women compared to "unattractive" women, or even everyday women. It is a known fact that beautiful women have more children. Don't believe me? Go look it up! There are countless journal articles and studies on this very topic!

    You are correct in saying, beauty does not provide the individual with more chances to survive, but from a group point of view, like I said before, overall, beautiful women have more children. Children are, afterall, the future.

    Also, I don't know if you've noticed, but in almost all adds, its young women in and around their 20's who are used to promote material things...why? Because beauty and youth are indicative of fertility and health. They are the ideal women men want. Why do men want beautiful women...if you're looking from an evolutionary point of view, thier brains are wired to want sex from a beautiful, health, young, fertile woman...why? Because there is a greater chance of reproducing.

    Yep, that's right, beautiful women, appear to men as more fertile than their average Jane counterparts.

    So you are 100% wrong. Beautiful women, have everything to do with evolution.

    • Greater chance of reproducing because of your beauty? how is that? Is there a theory or study about it? I m curious to read more about it.

    • Yeah, there are countless studies...and it's a statistic. Beautiful women tend to have more children then their average counterparts. It has nothing to do with "fertility" per say...but it's just a fact...they have more kids. Look it up on the web...I got most of the studies from my uni ibrary. I'm studying Psychology. So yeah, there are so many resorces out there, its a hot topic and has been for awhile.

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  • Beauty brings erections which allow for procreation.

    • Why? Why beauty? It means that if a female is not beautiful, no erection for her? So her genes are not perpetuated. Why beauty is to be perpetuated?

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  • Beauty is actually a signal of youth and fertility, which helps to procreate the species. There are some good hour-long TV shows on the subject which they air on Discovery and TLC sometimes. For example, across all cultures, clear, youthful skin is considered attractive. Why? Because it's healthy and looks youthful, which signal one thing: healthy mate.

    • That's what I was going to say. Studies on this sort of thing show that signs of general health and fertility are universally attractive. Pretty much everything else is personal preference and/or made-up social programming.