Why doesn't she want to know?

I think I know the answer to this one...I just need a second opinion.

My relationship with my partner has been...ropey for quite some time (years) and I recently met a woman who I have *really* been getting along with (just flirting and talking!). While I'm not looking for an affair I am attracted enough to her to be interested in the possibility so I've been trying to find out what she is looking for...

However, I've tried several times to steer the conversation to the circumstances regarding our private lives but whenever I attempt to do so, she changes the topic or totally ignores what I've said. She seems to not want to know that I am...involved and is somewhat vague on details of her own personal life...

So why wouldn't a woman want to know?

Insightful comment ty-lady, ty :) Hippy, yup, I'm going to be straight with her - I can't afford to get into a relationship where we aren't both looking for the same thing and I now think (talked to her today) she's looking for more than I can offer :(
I was clear with her when we met yesterday that I have kids and a "relationship" with their mother and the kettle is now off boil. Fair enough, she didn't want to know because she *hoped* I was free. I guess we both had a nice few weeks of dreaming :)


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  • When and if you get involved in a relationship on the side, one of the rules is that you don't discuss your private lyf nor your s.o. Whatever transpire between you and her is just that and no more. It's not intimate and if things should move forward then it will be sexual or emotional only. She has her own problems, whether relationship or just in lyf, she would lyk to enjoy conversation other than her every day struggles. It's sorta lyk someone that continues to complain about their bills every time you talk to them but you are in debt as well, when you speak to them you don't want to have that type of convo. Also, if you were only telling her that you "are" involved, she doesn't care!


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  • Hope it all works out! Update soon!

  • try not to beat about the bush it confuses us and just tell it to her straight one way or the other you will at least know where you stand hope this helps :)


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