Should I cut my hair into a bob the day after my senior prom?

I have fine, deep red hair that naturally is very wavy but the shorter my hair is the more it curls. I am scared to get one because I regularly wake up with an afro but straighten it out or i use a diffuser with a blow dryer to get more curls with less frizz.

I am scared that I will wake up late with an afro and be forced to go to school looking like a train wreck. i did recently cut my hair to my shoulders and i loved it. but is cutting my hair to almost my chin drastically different from a shoulder length haircut?


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  • I had my hair up to my lower back and no one noticed when I cut it up to waist legnth.

    But then I cut it again and now it's up to my chest area and people noticed it.

    I think that it's drastically different and I would notice if my freinds cut their hair up to their chins

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