Buying a belt online- what do these measurements mean and what size roughly do you think its for?

Length 31.5“-33.5”, Width 4
That's the measurements it says. Would you roughly say that's a small, medium or large?


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  • It means that the belt can extend from minimum of 31.5 inches and go loose up to 33.5. The belt is 4 inches thick so if you pass it through loops, the loops need to be at least 4 inches wide. Your waist needs to be somewhere between 33 and 31 inches.

    • Oh gosh. My waist is 20

    • Oh sheeeeet... U cannot even wind the belt twice. That belt is not for you... At least definitely not for your waist. Haha

    • But I find it strange. Usually mens' belts do not have such a short range of extension.

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  • It's in inches. Measure your waist and get the belt closest to that measurement.

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