I dont have a pic but based on description do these sunglasses fit me or are they too small? ray ban aviator?

i am interested in the 62 size because 58 may be too small. i have a typical Asian face, that is, my face is widest at the chin. so the 58 covers the widest part of my temple completely or nearly all of it, but there is some of the face at the widest point (near the chin) that makes it seem like sunglasses are too small. should i just wear diff sunglasses? or is 58 ok? or buy 62?



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  • what do you think? :o

    • i'm sticking with my ray ban 4181' or 4184 i forget what its called fits me well but really want aviators and leaning towards 62 because i think most guys look stupid when face is wider than the glasses but girls always look good and they always wear glasses wider than their face haha

    • ok :o

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  • yer link in update doesn't worj dude...