I am getting attention from girls who are too pretty for me!

I am getting attention from girls who are too pretty for me! I've mentioned in another question that girls I've dated are out of my league. But now its completely bizarre! I've had a model who was interested in me, I know she's only human just like everyone else, but she could get someone nice and possibly as beautiful as she is, she told me she likes me and I like her too I just don't understand why she does! To add to this a girl who has been flirting with me (also out of my league) is showing a lot of interest in me, and it can't be a personality thing, because she has never had a proper conversation with me. She has won miss northern Ireland and is trying to win miss Europe :S I can't understand it.

lol As good as a thing as it is, It irritates me as to why I don't know what they like... I think I really am missing the big picture lol


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  • congratulations man.

    quite insulting your self with your insecurity.

    i don't believe in leagues.

    why would it be bizarre for a girl to like you you are who you are.

    theirs no such thing as too pretty,

    havent you looked around you?

    alot of beautiful girl go out with guys whom look or act sh*tty.

    its nothing new.

    take your future girl out. talk to her.

    good luck man


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  • don't question it, enjoy it! if so many great girls want you, it must be telling you that they see something that you don't. Enjoy it!

  • Nothing to complain about.

    • I don't mean to complain about it :P I just don't know what they see in me

  • too pretty for you? prettiness doesn't make someone godly or better than you. most pretty people are born that way, all they did was hit the genetic lottery. they have no control over their looks, so think of her just as an average girl that is really nice because she's just another person like anyone else. don't think of her being too pretty for you. obviously she sees something in you she likes. she could have any guy but wants to talk to you so take that compliment!

    • I know it doesn't mean that they are different personality wise, but its just unusual, I feel they could find someone better than me. I guess I should be abit more open to the idea rather than question everything, its just something I'm not used to. Its just that girls never seemed to like me until now, so the attention is overwhelming me abit...

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    hahaha hey man, good for you. don't let it go to your head or take it for granted. maybe you've got some mysterious vibe to you...

    women, in general, date lower down the attractiveness scale than men do. Maybe in the case of the second girl, it's not how you look, but the way you look...she infers from your style and what she knows of you what kind of person you are.

    maybe your previous girlfriends have been talking a lot about you...

    haha I don't know for sure, but good luck man

  • Just go with it and count yourself lucky your attracting such beautiful ladies.

  • Too pretty for you? Hey man, they see something in you that you don't see in yourself. That's a plus. Go for it!