I'm very self conscious about how I look. I'm confident, but I feel the need to cover up with make up etc.

i will include a picture of me... I'm not doing this for attention or anything like that I'm open to criticism so please be honest?

girls if you looked like me what would you want to change?

boys if you were dating me what would you want me to change?

pleaseeeee be very honest.

here is the link:



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  • If I must be honest, I think you are wearing too much makeup. You're foundation just looks too thick to me. Maybe even a little too much mascara/eye liner. Lips look good to me.

    It could just be the lighting in the pic tho, as certain make up/looks are more appropriate for different lightings/settings - but for day to day wear in natural light, I think this is too much.


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  • You're very good looking. Your skin looks very nice but I'd advise against wearing any more make-up than you're currently using, otherwise it would start to detriment how you look.

    Your eyes are flawless and extremely attractive, the only thing that I don't think looks so great is your hair colour, I think your natural colour of light brown in winter / blonde is summer would look better than red, but that's just my opinion; I generally don't like red hair.

    • Thankyou for your comment :). I'm too scared to go blonde though I don't know if it would suit me anymore! do you think it would?

    • I think you'd look great as blonde. However the people that know you may disagree, as they'll be used to seeing you with darker shades of hair. But yeh, I think you'd look nice as blonde providing it's not a really bright shade of it (though I'm not sure how blonde you go in the summer).

  • ummm I would change your level of confidence. you are a 9. enough said. be more confident, but don't let it go to your head, alright?

  • Absolutely nothing, well other than your self image. You are really pretty but confidence is what makes it doll-face!

  • Well from wot I can see there is absalutely nothing wrong with you... so don't feel self concious you look ace :)

  • is that really u?!

    cause you look absolutely flawless

    u should be a model!

    is that with or without makeup?

    i love ur eyes; are they ur natural eye color?

    and is ur hair ur natural hair color?

    • Ha yes that is really me :) and yes of course I have make up on!! yess that's my natural eye colour but my hair is dyed.

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    • I'm not even joking; your not the usual girl that are in the US,

      they should make a United Kingdom top model next; I think I know who the first winner is: her name starts with peaches and ends with cream

    • Haha they already have a Britains next top model :P Theyre all stunning! Don't think I could ever do that. But thankyou for your answer and your comments anyway :)

  • I just bought a tshirt with your picture on it.

    yes you're hot.


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  • wow you're really pretty... (I'm completely striaght, just so you know...)

    is that your natural eye and hair color? I think I would dye my hair brown with dark and light highlights if I were you... but you look fine!

    • Thanks :) I was thinking of having my hair like that the other day! and noo its not natual :( its dyed and I have extentions! =[

    • Lol I think the brown hair would look REALLY good with your eyes... plus it would look more natural/approachable.

  • you seem to be very pretty but I'm sure you would look nicer without the photo editing or whatever..but I see the look you were going for so no biggie

    i think you would look better with a more natural looking tan. I don't know if its the color that is making you look orange-ish or what. I think if you had a golden/bronze tan it would be more attractive

    wear a little less foundation, the eye makeup looks great but I would go for a more natural looking lip. like a pinkish lip instead of that pale pink/nude look..it will make you look more alive

    also your hair...i would change the color to dark brown that would be really pretty

    but overall you are still a beautiful girl and you look good now, these little things would just take you to a 9 to a 10

  • I hope you realize that you look fine. You have great bone structure, good skin, and beautiful eyes, so you would look good without makeup too.

    Seriously, if you were overweight or had bad hair, then there would be obvious things you could change and it would be a good idea to ask for opinions. You don't have any of these problems though. There is nothing that you need to change. You could change your makeup--you could even wear none. You would still look great.

    So stop wasting your time worrying about your looks! You will look back when you are older and wonder why you didn't just mellow out!

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