How can I show him he's especially caught my eye?

Guys, gals, I need some help. I was talking with this guy who I KNOW liked me and I thought he was a sweetheart. I was just being myself and when he would dig for complements, I would give HONEST complements that were sweet - not sexy or otherwise loaded. (Like how pretty I thought his eyes were and how intelligent he struck me as being, etc.)

Suddenly this guy seems certain that I'm a sure thing or a flirt or something and he's cooled the jets. He still talks to me every chance he gets but it's made me shy away from him a bit. I feel like I can't joke and tease because he'll take it the wrong way or assume I flirt with everyone. I honestly don't, I just know how to turn on the charm when I want to. Now I'm afraid I come across as being too serious or moody. He recently laughed while another guy teased me about something that I fear might be true about myself and it hurt my feelings a bit. No harm was meant of course, it was just something easy to tease me about. Still, I feel like his behavior is making me loose my sense of humor when I want the opposite thing to happen! I want to flatter him, not frustrate him!

I don't like to play games. I'm much to transparent for that. He would know what I was doing any ways. I just want to make sure I keep this guy intrigued. Gentlemen, your advice please! How do I make him do a mental 180 and realize I'm not a flirt and he's a special friend?


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  • You seem very straightforward, otherwise I wouldn't recommend this: tell him you like him, and that therefore, you're going on a proper date with him. Tell him you hope it all works out, and wish yourself luck.

    One tip: keep the first few dates light. First dates are to find out whether to have second dates, nothing more.

    Another: until you two "officially" commit, he's not obligated to date you exclusively. Not only does saying ease a little tension in case he's looking, but it puts major points in your Sanity column.

    This relationships needs a very big push, and it's not going to come from him.


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  • You gotta be more straight forward with him, I-ve met girls who just want to be flirty and hit on me and could never really figure out if they were doing it cause they wanted to be sex buddies or because they were interested in me. Then I have met girls who did the same thing and opened up to me like the one I am talking to now. She tells me about my eyes, my smile, my personality AND she tells me that she likes me, likes being around me, feels protected with me, etc. So after a few dates that we have had together, we are now both even more attracted to each other than we were to begin with. And you just go from there... -Drack V V

  • If you *really* don't want to play games, and if you *really* want to be transparent, tell him he's caught your eye and ask him on a date.

    Anything else *is* a game.

    And trying to "make him" do anything is manipulative.


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