How to feel more beautiful in my skin?

I've got some pretty bad self esteem issues with the way I look. I notice when I get into a romantic relationship with somebody these issues are more worse then if I were just single. I'm a bigger girl. My height is 5'6 and I'm 200 lbs. I gained the excess weight from having a baby girl about four months ago. I feel soo unsexy around my boyfriend who I'm engaged too. I just wanna know what I can start to do to feel more beautiful, sexy and less conscious of my body. What are some good things to start doing?


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  • Aerobic exercise and watch your diet. Don't eat any more than 1500 Calories in one day. Gradually cut back on your daily food intake down to 1200 calories. No more snacks, sweets or any eating between meals. Never eat anything past 8pm at night. The weight loss will be slow and difficult to continue but it will occur.


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  • 1. congrats on the baby!

    2. you just had a baby. give yourself some credit, your body had to gain extra weight to help sustain a new life. you have an excuse for the extra weight, its not like twinkies and coke were to blame.

    3. you have a boyfriend who loves you. I bet he thinks your beautiful!

    4. get your hair done. that always makes me feel better

    5. start walking everyday and do some light weights. the exercise will help you lose weight and boost endorphins which will make you feel better

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