How much "looking" is okay?

Okay, this is a tough one for me... I am 38, happily married, and I love my job. I am a manager in my company, but not one of the big-wigs. My boss (who is a big wig) recently hired a STUNNING 25 year old admin, and I really am having difficulty keeping my eyes off of her... She's sharp as a tack, dresses very nicely in business skirts, blouses, etc. My problem is she is INCREDIBLY sexy~ For instance, I hate it when I have to stand close to her in the elevator, or when we have to pass each other in the hall, because I find it hard for me to hide my thoughts.

So, my question is, Ladies, how much is okay? I don't want to be rude, but it's hard for a man in my position NOT to notice a woman as beautiful as this...Am I just experiencing my mid-life crisis? LOL


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  • Let's face it. Any time a younger, hot member of the opposite sex gives us a glance, it's a compliment. It makes you feel good and builds your self esteem. However, a word of advice, be very careful. Along with that younger look comes a younger mentality. Flirting is so dangerous. It will be fascinating and almost addictive, but usually it ends up going too far and then gets boring or too complicated. Then how do you handle being around someone that you'd like nothing more but to forget? I'm speaking from experience. The one at home knows all your crap and has made a decision to stay with you anyway. Put a little romance back into that relationship and you won't even notice "what's her name"...


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  • You are a normal male - but my concern would be the way she's dressing. You said she wears business skirts and blouses - but I have to ask if they are what some bankers call "borrowing blouses" - designed to distract a man. They may look nice but are mostly inappropriate for the office - just a little to revealing or showy.

    And her demeanor may also be an issue. Some women behave differently around men even if they don't want a relationship - they want validation that they are attractive and "could" have this person if they wanted.

    Frankly - I think if it's that distracting it's propably designed on purpose. However - I also like your attitude - you love your let's focus on that.

  • See I am going through the same thing right now...jsut not married lol. But to me looking is nothing. It's touching I care about. I don't even care about flirting to be honest. I think if it goes to the level of touching ( as in kissing bad touch :) ext that is to much...but anyways looking is nothing to me anyways...

    Can you help me and answer seem like you would understand my problem.

  • She's probably sucking your boss's d*** anyway. Just forget about it.


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