If a girl acts like this, what is she thinking?

There is this girl at school & for some reason she won't look at me. I can walk right past her, just me & her in the hall & she'll look straight ahead as if I'm not there but I did notice that at breaks I always leave 1st & when I'm at a distance then turn around I catch her watching me. Also about 2 months ago we use to check each other out but when I thought she had a boyfriend I kind of brushed her off but it ended being her brother driving her to school, not her BF. It's just frustrating when you can't even smile at the girl to show her you like her because she won't look. Any advice on what you might think she is thinking will really help, thanks

Thanx for the answers girls, their both good. I guess your right, It's my move now.


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  • Hmm it could have something to do with you brushing her off? Maybe the lack of eye contact is down to feelings of insecurity, she probably would have felt the change in your attention. If she believes it to be a one sided thing then she wouldn't want to get hurt again and is trying to hide the way she feels. Looks like its your move, since you made the assumption and buggered it up!


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  • shes probably interested in you and doesn't want to how she is... ill do that sometimes. ill see a really cute guy across the room and when I end up walking past him I'm too nervous to give him eye contact because I want him to want me. I show no interest because I want him to make the first move. and then when I pass him I look in the corner of my eye to try and figure out if he was looking at me. in truth... what she wants is you to stop her in the hallway and talk to her

    • Hmm... interesting that's what the girls I have a crush on is doing (note: I didn't ask her out yet) and thank you, now I know there's a possibility that she's thinking the same thing as you're.

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