What kind of sun glasses should I get and also snapback?

I am buying a new pair of sunglasses and im tginking of getting a snapback for the summer since i wear beabies all winter and can't in the summer :p i will be wearing it backwards


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  • Why not just not wear anything?

  • It really depends on what type of sunglasses that your looking for.
    Do you want expensive or cheap?
    If you have a sunglasses hut store or even an Academy Sports and Outdoors store, they have awesome sunglasses there.
    Prices will vary by brand.

    • Im okay spending a good chunk of money on sunglasses haha

    • Academy Sports and Outdoors
      Costa Del Mar = over $160, its a good fishing brand sunglasses. There is a few casual as well.
      Salt Life = $169
      Ironman = price range varies between the look
      Oakley = $100 and above.

  • OK it seems like a foreign language to me... what is a snapback and what are beabies?

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