Cheeky bikini bottoms?

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recently cheeky bikini bottoms which cover a minimal amount of skin and show a lot have been gainging more popularity. i get that a lot of these girls have nice ass-ets and want to show off... which (me being a guy) not complaining about., but at the same time every dude on the beach is staring at them like meat on a stick.

that being said recently i was reading a forum discussion about these risque bottoms, and found girls were commenting, stating that they wear them, not because they want to show off and let it all hang out. but because they are active (surfers etc) and those are the only bottoms for girls to wear, where they won't fall off or get loose, saggy etc like a lot of traditional bikini bottoms do. in short... cheeky bottoms are the only bottoms on the market for women who live an active lifestyle in the water.

now dont get me wrong... but im kinda calling bs... you're telling me you're not wearing this by choice? its because you have to? there's gotta be a bikini bottom on the market that provides full coverage for an active female. i could be totally wrong, but really? if not i definetely think there's a business opportunity right now.
providing active ladies with full coverage, won't fall, sag etc bikini bottoms.

ladies opinions?

also girls that do wear these... i have a young daughter (2 years old) and when she gets older if she's wearing a bikini bottom where he ass is hanging out ill be making her change. i know girls in their 20's etc they can wear what they want and so on... but even when my daughter is that age ill still be taken back.
so girls that wear these no matter how old you are... do your parents/family know you where these very revealing bottoms? are they ok with it? reactions when they first found out? do you ever wear them in front of them? (around the home pool etc).
do you feel as tho guys stare when u wear them?

thanks ladies!!!


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  • I hate the heat and don't like the beach so i don't go swimming often, but i enjoy boy short type underwear and swimsuit bottoms. But i do own cheeky bathing suit bottoms. My parents don't really care, or maybe they don't notice cause i am the middle child and they yell at me for stupid things and ignore the core, important things. xD


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  • Regular full coverage bikini bottoms do trap water, causing to sag, even come off during active water sports. They're Brazilian bottoms, so they are kind of normal to me. I don't know why they'd be considered inappropriate.


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  • I think all in shape woman should were them I'm in love I should go to the beach more.