How come guys are always or usually the ones that end up being stuck in the friend zone?

Why is it always or usually like that? how come guys get stuck in the friend zone more often than girls do? and how come it's tougher for guys to get out of the friend zone than it is for girls? That's how it usually seems for the most part. So anyway, what are your answers and opinions as to why it is always or usually like this?

On Average, for the most part, do guys tend to fall for girls faster and earlier than girls fall for guys? If so, how come it's like that way most of the time?
Overall, what are the main reasons as to why it's tougher, harder for guys, than it is for girls when it comes to getting out of the friend zone? and why do guys tend to fall into it more often?


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  • Just my opinion but girls form emotional bonds more easily and quickly. Thus we can befriend guys readily. Unfortunately most girls don't realize 90% of their guy friends are friends with them because they like them. Which brings us to the guy's side: Men are more visual so it's easier for a girl to loose weight/change her style up a bit and get a guy friend to notice her before she plants a surprise kiss on him. Sadly, this doesn't always work out for that girl and she's replaced by the next pretty thing. (Just my observations. Not always true.)

    Yes, it's easier for a girl to get out of the "friend" zone but it's more long-term when the guy-friend gets the girl in my experience. ;)

    BTW, if you want OUT of the friend zone, be scarce for a while. DO NOT go out with other girls. Well, okay, maybe ONE little date or group outing without her but with other girls. It's best to have hobbies, boys nights out, guy events and "family things" that keep you busy. She'll miss having you around. Once she tells you she misses you, it's time to make your move. This could be at the end of day 3 or week 3 of you not being around so much. But you being gone will make her realize she misses you and then she'll wonder if her missing you means she has feelings for you. SAYING that she misses you is a very subte hit - she wants to see if you say that you missed her too or give any other hint to you liking her. You're going to have to risk the friendship (which, let's face it, is usually a type of quiet torture for you any ways) and tell her how you feel at THAT MOMENT when she's wondering if she should consider you more seriously herself. I've seen this work a dozen times. But only in this sequence of events. Good luck!

    • So you are saying the dating and relationship will be more serious, committed, long-term if the guy friend gets the girl? how come it would not be as good if it was the other way around?

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    • It hurts guys more since almost all girls, and society expects guys to be very assertive.

    • You women have it so much easier, you have had it easy since the beginning of human civilization.

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  • Because guys are more likely to like girls than girls are to like guys.

    • So you think guys tend to fall for girls, and become instantly attracted to them much more faster than the other way around?

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    • I think you're right. Girls are emotional so a guy has to have a good personality to win us over. Male beauty is rare and comes with issues - like other women throwing themselves at your man or flirting with him constantly. No thank you. ;)

    • Yeah, overall it's easier to be visually appealing to someone instead of emotionally, intellectually, socially appealing. It's like us guys have to have perfect social skills in order for a girl to be receptive to us.

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  • u have to let them come to you. that's how it really works. its weird I know. but trust me. it works. they won't wind up putting you in the FZ most likely if they find you

    • Sorry, but what do you mean by girls "finding us guys"? Maybe I am not interpreting it the right way, because you are making it sound like as if girls are going to literally pursue us guys, because usually, almost all the time, it is the other way around, like us guys have to literally find a girlfriend, girls dont' have to literally find a boyfriend, it just happens for them. You know, that us guys are expected to take the initiative.

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    • Guys are pigs basically we go after the good looking ones because we're brought up to like that kind of look...its always been that way back the caveman era...and no id have to disagree on that...not all good looking girls are in long lasting rships...and the ones who are. complain about how bad the rship actually is..the one I like right in a bad rship but she stays with him cause she "loves him" yet I think theyre just in puppy love myself

    • Oh and the good looking ones usually give better sex....hahahhahahahah...theyre full of confidence so they believe they can f*** well...and that's attractive to guys

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