Will toner help my hair?

Okay so over the weekend I wanted to try something new with my hair. I bought I bleaching kit and tried doing it myself (stupid I know) and the color turned out a really really bright yellow. its not horrible but its not what I wanted at all. my friend in cosmotology said that she'll put a toner in my hair for ten bucks. Will this help? will it turn it a natural blonde? because I don't want it to turn white or gray. and will it fry my hair? because I love my hair and I don't want to damage it. please help


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  • Yes, it will help. Toner is a life saver, seriously. What does it look like right now? If it's really light, but tinged yellow, toner will make it almost white blonde when done correctly. If it's a bit darker, it will get most of the brassiness out.

    What do you mean by natural blonde though? Like this, but maybe a little lighter?


    To get something like that, you'll need to use toner, and then some sort of ashy blonde dye. Toner isn't damaging, it's actually rather conditioning, aside from the developer you need to mix it with. And ashy blonde shouldn't do too much damage because it's slightly darker. Let me know if you have more questions though, I've done pretty much every color in the book, haha.

    • Thnx tht was very helpful(: thts exactly what I'm looking for(:

    • You're welcome! I'm glad to be able to help. If you go look at the pictures in my profile, the picture of me with white blonde hair was after bleaching it out twice, and then using toner. If you decide against using an ashy blonde color after you tone it, I was going to tell you before that toner DOES fade. If you use the dye, it will hold its color, but toner alone usually needs to be redone. If you have extra, you can mix a tiny bit in with any product you use in your hair to keep it toned. =]

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  • sure


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  • It will modify (soften) the color. It won't make it look perfect, but it will definitely help. You might need to get it done again in about three - four weeks because it will fade. Toning is the best thing you can do right now, because your hair probably can't take any more bleaching, etc.

    Don't EVER bleach your hair because that damages hair. Always use a gentler method.

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