I am attracted to a guy that's shorter by a little?

There's a guy in my mixed choir class, and he's like an inch or so shorter than me and I'm kinda attracted to him. I'm like 5'6. Is it OK when the guy is slightly shorter. I'm a little worried about the height, but I'm mainly confused of what I think about it. The dance tolo will be come up in December and if the guy I like isn't going to the dance because the mean mom factor, I'm gonna ask him, but I'm worried people will joke of how I'm taller.:( idk, I'm just confused about my feelings right now.

Would you girls date guys an inch or 2 shorter than u? and guys, would you date a girl inch or 2 taller than u?


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  • Oh my goooosh, no you can't be serious. I understand, you're in high school, there's tons of drama, and everything seems like a huge deal. But every truth fiber of my being says the only issue of height is what YOU or HE make of it. No natural difference in height will have ANY effect on compatibility, not unless YOU let it.

    What about the really short guys? Think they're stuck dating even SHORTER girls? NO! That's just crazy talk. And what's crazier is that you're confused about an INCH! Maybe two! I'd hardly even notice that! And trust me, there are FAR more things to worry about in the realm of dating than height. I never even think about height anymore when looking for a nice gal to date. If she's cool, she's cool, etc.

    So in a nutshell, it is PERFECTLY OK if the guy is slightly shorter than you. Your concerns about it are merely a result of stereotypes and negative connotations popularized in society, particularly high school (when dating typically begins). You need to get yourself over that false perception so that you can expand your options and open yourself up to that many more great guys. If you don't, and you go on a date with this fellow, you'll only hurt your own chances, because it will be eating at the back of your mind and disrupting the flow of your natural personality.

    btw, I'm 5'9", so it's not like I have short guy bias. And I'm 24, so I've had time to be out in the dating world for some time now. Hope my thoughts are valued.

    • Lol ya I know. it doesn't bothr me much. I've dated a shorter guy before 4 4months. I was just wondering.lol

  • Well if you like him and he likes you then it doesn't matter. Just ask him and trust me he will say yes


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