Sunglasses that show your eyes?

So I got sunglasses but i feel really self concious because you can still see my eyes and they're not dark is that weird?


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  • I have a see-sawing relationship with sunglasses.

    On one hand, they are purely functional, protect your eyes, make you comfortable. On the other hand, they make me look like an arrogant dick. Plus I hate not being able to make real eye contact with other people.

    I guess your glasses are a bit strange in that they allow eye contact, so I guess most people would just think of them as glasses and not give it too much thought.

  • I don't like sunglasses on girls at all. It makes them aloof and stuck up. I want to see their eyes.

    • wtf what if the sun is in our faces? are we just supposed to look butt ugly or something?

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    • well when we look into the sun our faces get all weird and then the sun damages your eyes

    • I don't mean don't wear sunglasses in the sun. I mean, if you have to address someone in conversation or you walk into a store, and so, on. It is just polite to take them off. And when you are wearing them, I wouldn't worry about your face looking weird. I'm not even sure I know what you're talking about. You are just at the age, where you are unusually self-conscious about everything.

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  • No, it's not weird at all. I actually want a pair of those kind of sunglasses.

  • No. I've seen people with them before

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