He looks at me, but he doesn't act on it..

So I've known this guy since the summer. We have a weird friendships. Some days we act like we've known each other forever and other times he hardly even says hi to me. But the other day my friend texted me and asked what was up with us because she said she saw the smile he gave. Then she went on to say that she notices him staring at me every time I show up. She says he just stares and me and smiles. The funny thing is I am attracted to this guy, but my friend doesn't know, I never mentioned it to her. So she just picked up on this on her own. And she's not the only one. I've noticed more and more people start to bring him up in conversation. What's the deal?


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  • you should stare back and smile and see if he approaches you to talk and get to know you...

    from experience I suggest you just be careful and not get your hopes up he likes you, because I did that with many guys and a lot are just players playing mind games...

    if he doesn't act on anything after a long time and you return his glances and smile and wave too, forget him he's a d***!

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