What's a cute outfit to wear to a state championship football game?

You know what I mean.I just want to know what's cute classy outfit to wear, something that's not too dressy.It';s the state championship game.

I was thinking my knee high black boots with my dark blue skinny jeans and a cute top. Would that work or would the boots with it be too much?

Also, it's gonna be cold. Oh, and I was wondering if I wore a sweater dress with my boots if it would be tooo dressy.


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  • I say no to the sweater dress, dark wash jeans would be way cute and mixing in some team colors would show your support and get some attention. Maybe a knit beanie or a fun scarf would give the outfit a statement. If you are comfortable with the boots I say wear them, just remember, football game means stadium, which means lots of bleachers. Don't wear the boots if you think they might be hard to get around in. Hope this helped.


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  • btw, y do you want to look cute?

    • Someone special asked me to go with him

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    • It's ok I know what I will wear. By the way it doesn't really matter to him he always say I look good no matter what I'm wearing lol. But I haven't seen him for a while so yeah.

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  • hello stupid. wear a school tshirt and a coat. really, it's not that hard to figure out.

    • Excuse you dumbass if you wasn't going to be any help don't comment

    • 'if you wasn't going to...' wasn't? now who's the dumb ass?

      i just hate the morons that go to big games and don't bother wearing the team's stuff. support the team, and quit worrying what everyone else thinks about it. but hey, if you want to be one of the dumb asses in knee high boots and over dressed, go for it. to me it makes you seem too high maintenance.

  • no to the sweater dress. the other outfit you mentioned is good.