Overcoming Shyness?

I like this guy but I'm way too shy around him. I think he likes me too but how do I overcome this shyness to be able to get to know him better? I'm not usually that shy but it's really awkward between us because we get shy around each other. How can we talk more freely? Have you had any experiences and how did you overcome shyness? thanks C=


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  • Shyness is thinking about yourself.

    Look into his eyes, communicate to him with your eyes.

    Show him that you're really into him. Then what you say won't matter.

    About 30 percent of human communication is verbal. The other 70 percent is non-verbal.

    The awkward moments will disappear.

    Believe me, I know about shy.



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  • For me, I tell myself that being shy with someone I like is not going to help my situation, so it helps me express myself more. I think shyness comes from a desire to be seen as special and "perfect" in the eyes of the person you desire. If you think he likes you then he probably does, and that means he likes you for who you are, so find comfort in that fact and be yourself.


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  • Try telling yourself that he wouldn't be talking to you if he didn't want to, and that might make you a little more confident and a little less shy. Good luck!

  • Push yourself to talk to him, you'll find the awkwardness will dissolve when you two talk more often. As for overcoming shyness, I think it just takes time and patience-- but keep working on it! Best of luck (: