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Say you're attracted to a girl who you've been friends with for a few years, she starts showing signs she likes you, but you guys haven't quite told each other, because it could be awkward. If she tries to hang out with you, instigate conversation, or just want to be involved in your life more, does that make you back off?


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  • No it doesn't.. Especially if she DOES happen to like me.. Why would I back off?

    If you're concerned about girls making the first move or not.. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Many guys, including me.. LOVE that!

    • Really? I'm just scared. see, would you consider yourself a confident person? this guy is, but in moderation of course. I feel if I do anything he would feel threatened or like I'm stepping on his toes. I don't know if just keeping things as friends is the right thing till he makes a move or not.

  • Not if he likes you. Most likely he is trying to move forward while still respecting the friendship and you because he knows you so well, a very difficult thing to do. So if you try to be more involved that's the green light he's been looking for to know he can move forward without disrespecting the friendship. Really good question.


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