Is anybody here who is unknown to what he want?

What he want in a life makes him more confused or depress.etc

Describe your mind



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  • In life we hardly can describe what our really needs and wants; it's true we need money but does it really make us live this life to the fullest? Are we gain or lost our soul? Does money make us happier? Yes, but does it bring to ever after life or forever happiness? No, because we will someday die in a time frame that we do not know. In our life, what I can explain from my understanding is since our birth we receive love, and trough the stage of our life, the only one thing is love. In our childhood, we need parents; in our teenager year, we need friends and curiosity

    ( hormone changes ) and into the next stages, young adult, we need more than a ' puppy love' or a job where we can buy PC games ( boys) and cosmetic ( girls ). We need more to fill our empty soul. We are created by our creator (God) so we long that feeling to worship Him and gain our soul and have a wonderful life (if we live life according to what pleases Him-Grace). And talk about true love; male and female are created, when they fall in love for many reason that cannot describe, and we have to admit that we never understand when two people are madly in love, when they are so much in love, the commitment they made to live together ( in good times and in bad times) make their love deeper and that is I believe a true love. Career or any job is one thing most important part to stay live; it is to make sure that we have money to full fill what we desires and wants, wherein a life to enjoy the happiness ( travel, big house, big car, etc) and to walk through our life to the golden stage. ''Hey, see what we have going through this life! it is so meaningful, I love you'' and you going to say this phrase to your loves one ( your wife and your children ) and you going to die peacefully and your soul be save and back to your creator ( God )


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  • It was kinda difficult to tell, but I think you're asking about not fully knowing your own sexuality.

    I am straight, but for a while I toyed (no pun intended) with the idea that I might be gay. I knew that if I was gay, I needed to accept it and not be afraid of who I was. I ran some fantasy scenarios (great way to see what you like) in my head and managed to decide. Even if you're not fully one way or another, and aren't sure; just relax and go with what you are naturally attracted to. Then make sure you accept yourself for who you are.

    Just like what you like and be okay being that way.

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