Girls: Lips and Eyes. What kind catches your eye?

Just like I said, what kind of lips and eyes catch your eye?

Myself, I have poofy lips or kind of pouty lips. My eyebrows are straight and angled inwards so you could say the look angry sometimes but they look attractive to me, like mysterious or something..


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  • russell crowe's lips are divine.

    as for eyes, I guess I'd say matthew macfadyen's eyes, especially when he smiles. same with ewan mcgregor's.


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  • Any type can catch anyones eyes, your most proberly look sexy together with you saying you have pouty lips and angled eyebrows. Like you said give off a mysterious/dangerous look.

    For me though it would definitely had to be blue eyes and blonde hair on a boy. I find that Gorgeous!


    • Well I got blond hair so I guess I'm close lol.

    • Lol, yeah there you go then :-) Don't worry you'll look sexy I bet :-)

  • i don't care what the lips look like I just like the hair if its emo boy hair and blonde

  • Um it's not so much the lips and eyes as much as it is the entire face and how all the features work together. I do like pouty lips on a guy though, I don't like those small thin ones some guys have


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