Why do short shorts with black shoes look so sexy?

i've been trying to find to best kind of shoes to wear with short shorts and i noticed that short shorts with black shoes go together really well. it doesn't matter what type of shoes they are -sneakers, boots, sandals, you name it- as long as they're black. obviously the person wearing them must have nice legs to pull off this look, but when they can it's hot af. not just on myself, but on people in general. what is it about this combination that makes it so breathtaking?


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  • Er since when did men start wearing short shorts?

    • most men don't like to but some do. do even women wear short shorts in arab countries?

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    • Basically I thought you might have meant general shorts not short shorts girls wear

    • well i did mean general shorts. that guy is wearing girl shorts and it looks stupid

      this looks more normal

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