My girlfriend wants me to wear a top hat? Is there a stylish way to wear one? How would you perceive a man who wore one?

Hey everyone! I usually wear a suit (or sport coat and slacks), with a tie (or bow tie), tie clip, and ocassionally some kind of hat. Presently, I own a couple of ivy caps, a few late 50's fedoras, and a grey cowboy hat. The last of which I reserve for my trips down south. Recently, my girlfriend told me that she wanted me to start wearing a top hat. Initially, she wanted me to wear one with my tuxedo at prom, but its developed into a desire to see it become apart of my everyday wardrobe. The prom deal doesn't bug me, but I'm a little hesitant to wear one out in public on a regular basis.

So it there a stylish way for me to wear a top hat out in public?

Should I wear a regular suit with it?

What would you think if you saw a guy wearing a suit and top hat out in public? Would your perception of him be different if he had a girl with him?

I know this may seem superfluous, but my physical traits effect people's perceptions.
I'm tall, roughly 6'2" or 6'3", I'm in excellent shape, and I'm clean shaven.


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  • That just sounds silly. But if you like it, go for it. It's your head.

    • I agree, but its something my girlfriend wanted, and she doesn't ask for much. Any way I can wear one without looking completely ridiculous?

    • Personally, I would say no, because it's like the most formal of formal wear. It would look out of place with anything but a tux. Or, alternatively, make you look like a creep. Weird how some things have those connotations?

    • Pravda. Not to sound pompous, but I think I can escape the creep range, well at least if she's with me. I'll probably just end up biting the bullet though :P. Thanks for the answers.

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  • I've never seen anyone wear a tophat, but would assume whoever I saw was wearing one is a jackass.

    No one wears a hat that big without having some problems in other places.

    • How crass :) I assure you that's not the reason, its just something my girlfriend wanted. Any ideas on how I can wear one without looking like an over-compensating jackass?

    • I've got nothing. You can either become a multi-trilionare so that the top hat makes sense, or look like a jackass.

    • Ain't that a kick in the head. Thanks for the answers man.