Girls, Should I cut my matted tangled hair?

I'm transitioning form relaxed hair to natural hair and I had a huge setback yesterday. I took out my box braids and I put conditioner on the dirt just like a YouTube video said and it just messed up my hair. I washed and conditioned my hair after and after I air dried it there were like 6 chunks of matted hair or tangled hair. My mom and I are trying are best to untangle it with a wide comb and conditioner but it hurts and I don't know what to do, I'm so scared and I've cried. What do I do?


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  • Okay so I render my transitioning days as well and they we're rough. Your going to get a lot of matting because the hair you've damaged is damaged beyond repair. It can't really go back to the way it was. Sp your going to have to cut it if it's matting that badly.
    And you don't have to do all of it but if it's half way up just cut off half and leave the rest (or however much you have to cut).
    Keeping exceed breakage isn't good because it breaks further up the hair shaft causing your natural hair I be damaged too, so look at this as a positive way to ensure healthy natural hair.
    If there's former relaxed hair left over make sure your trimming it every month to ensure your getting rid of it while not completely big chopping (basically if it grows an inch, chop an inch)
    It seems really scary and hard at first, but once it's all natural it will be so with it. So stick with it and don't lose hope

    • I have a quick question. Since my hair is Noe short do I big chop my relaxed ends to prevent matting in the future? I have like 3-4 inches of natural hair. And if I do do you think I can still do box braids or weaves?

    • You don't have to but it can. Big chopping is better for your hair.
      You can do box braids. I'd suggest that more than weaves because typically people straighten their edges with that or else it looks really weird.
      But I mainly suggest rocking a short fro. Short fros are really cute and I think a lot if people like natural hair.

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  • you can't detangle mats. I apologize if this upsets you, but it is best to just cut the mats out. Even if you do manage to detangle the mats the strand that come loose will be brittle and damaged beyond repair. It is better to start over then to have a head full of overly damaged brittle hair. I went through the awkward halfway hair phase and ended up cutting off the parts that were damaged. I did look odd for awhile, but going to that place where I didn't allow my hair to define my beauty was scary as shit and comforting. I know how hard it is for you to accept this, it is JUST HAIR. It will grow back,

    • Thanks so much, yeah I did end up cutting it and I'm going to relax it and cut off all the brittle hair and start growing my hair. You're right my hair doesn't define me

  • Did you just leave the conditioner in and then washed or did you comb it out first?

    • I left the conditioner I didn't really comb it out

    • That's where you messed up :X

      Whenever you take your hair down from braids you never want to just out right wash it. It is extremely EXTREMELY crucial that you comb out the new growth or you will experience matting. I'm sorry that happened to you. Most likely you'll have to cut it.

    • **Comb out the dead hair is what I meant.