Women have many options and can wear almost anything. Guys have a limited wardrobe that looks basically the same as always. Should this change?

I realize that women can wear almost anything including mens clothes. I have a nice body and want to show it off but mens clothes seem to be limited to tight pants and shorts that stop at the knee. First is it weird that I am turned on when I wear more revealing clothes and think about wearing what probably feels like nothing: skirts and short shorts. Secondly it seems like the male body is looked down on and is shunned by society. Do you agree?

  • Men should wear more revealing clothes.
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  • Men should keep their bodies covered.
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  • Men should expand their wardrobe to include female like clothing but designed for men
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  • Men can wear whatever they want. I would like to point out, though, that the majority of women do NOT cross-dress. The pants made for us are not made for men... they are made for women. That's women's clothing. [A lot of] People want to say that women cross-dress, why not men?

    I'm sure many women do wear MALE clothing... but wearing women's pants is not male clothing.

    Anyway, men can wear whatever they want. Just be sure to be honest with your partner if you deviate outside the social norm because some wo/men aren't into cross-dressers.


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  • Wear whatever your heart desires! You're in your mid twenties and I wish you had the chance to experiment earlier because it's so much fun and you should be expressing yourself for as long as you can. If its women's clothes you prefer, don't let anyone tell you you can't (as long as you cover the minimum amount in order to abide by decency laws in your area) and if you really like less fabric and female things, sleep in a nightie, wear sexy lingerie around your house. Do you!

    If this is more of a 'men's fashion is all skinnys and board shorts' it really isn't and there are so many amazing different options if you branch out and explore different types of stores. Hope this helps

  • Actually in Ancient Greece women's bodies were considered disfigured men's bodies
    Anyway though having that huge amount of options put a lot of stress on women to stay diverse and mix I up (even if you don't like it). Where as guys an relax and not have to worry as much but still look great.
    Anyway though I do think men should have more option. I think there is more out there than men know. Or they know if it but say it's "gay" and avoid it. I suggest sites like lookbook. nu for fashion inspiration

  • wear what you want..

    I love mens suits. minus the jacket, I would wear them, with the pants much tighter than usual, if I could get away with it. (:

  • You could wear dresses too :P But in all seriousness I think men look sexiest in the knee or lower thigh length shorts that have pockets and zips up, leather sandals and a nice button up or what they use to call in my day polo shirts.

  • Guys can wear whatever they want, and I don't think male bodies are shunned.

  • You can wear whatever the fuck you want, bro.


What Guys Said 2

  • "Women have many options and can wear almost anything. Guys have a limited wardrobe that looks basically the same as always. "

    To YOU maybe lol
    Be MORE adventurous and you'll see there are TONS of options for guys as well , you're just too conservative.

    • Maybe and I have no fashion sense. Starting to learn. Was confined to basketball shorts and tee shirt for most of my life

    • Get with the BIG CITY programme yo.
      Quiet town fashion ain't too out there.

  • Guys dont care too much about what they wear. they have some special clothes like their favorite leather jacket but mostly dont care.