Girls, have you ever looked into his eyes?

and seen something? Three times now I've seen something in her eyes that touches my being down to my soul.


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  • Ya know I've wondered this exact same thing about guys. I have a guy I'm interested in..we're not in a relationship but the first time I looked into his eyes, I mean really looked into his eyes I felt something. It's an unexplainable feeling but I often wonder if he felt that too. When you look into 'her' eyes what do you see/feel?

    • I can't explain it. I've only seen it three times. The first time was maybe two weeks ago. The second about four days ago and the third yesterday morning when she was eating yogurt and grape nuts cereal mixed together. I was sitting across from her looking into her eyes as I always do just flirting. It's not something bad. It's something deep. It's not there every time I look into her eyes.

    • It's not something that makes me look away. It's something that touches me in a deep way.

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  • Oh man! I have indeed! It is probably one of the most amazing things ever! I love staring into his eyes! Only if I could describe it more. It's deep, thoughtful, full of passion, and I can see how much he really does love me.

    • When I see it in her eyes I can't speak for a moment. It's too much for me to immediately absorb and I need a moment to process what I just saw. I didn't know it was possible to see love in a person's eyes.

  • Absolutely. I could gaze into his eyes forever...

    • Can you describe what you see?

    • Early in our relationship it was just a sort of electricity and a feeling of connection. Now, I just see this incredible softness, gentleness, and a look of pure love. He looks at me as though he adores me. (And how can I not adore anyone who looks at me like that?) Sometimes, we just catch each other's gaze and it's just a feeling of intense connection as though we understand everything the other thinks without ever having to say a word.

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