Is he just playing games or is he interested?

I work with this guy who's always joking around with me. He throws things at me, tries to sneak up and scare me and is always trying to make me laugh. I'm really the only one he does this to. I'm attracted to him even though he's a goofball. I didn't know if he was but he whistled the other day then got embarrassed when I looked at him with a shocked look. He talks to me at least a couple times a day. He seems to get a little jealous (I think) if I talk to other guys. I catch him looking at me and he'll look away really quick like he's embarrassed.

The thing is, he's not shy at all but hasn't asked me out and seems a little moody at times. He jokingly asked who I'm talking to on my cell phone the other day and looked at me like he was keeping tabs. I jokingly said none of your business. He said that he wonders why I never talk to him and his friends on break. and he didn't talk to me the rest of the day but kept coming out when I did.

The next day, I gave him a flirty smile and he smiled awkwardly and still didn't talk.

Also, I went to a party once and he found out that I fell asleep with a guy (nothing happened) and he came up and flirted with my friend and completely ignored me then threw a pen at me when he walked out.

Is he just playing games?


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  • Games are over-rated *Eye roll*

    Him throwing pens at you and smiling at you is his attempt at getting you to notice his existance. He is shy in the fact that any outgoing man would be like "Hey lets go on a date" - granted, if he has a reason that prohibits him from doing that, he is exempt from the above statement.

    By "sleeping with another guy" you weren't technically doing anything "wrong" or "unjust"; however, when you did that you gave him the picture that you are promiscuous.

    Do you like this guy? BTW - when he talked to your friend and ignored you, that would be his friends talking to him about what will dig at your nerves and get you to pay attention.

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  • he sounds like a player.

    i may be wrong but from what my understanding is,

    he's flirting with you, nothing major. it seems like he's just playing

    games. the fact that at that party he flirtted with your friend right infront of you,

    is messed up. maybe he is showing you that he is liable to flirt with other people. or like other people

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