You girls wouldn't look at someone more than once unless they are cute, right?

because I'm trying to figure out if girls think I cute , its a very nerdy question but yeah

i was going to class and I saw these 2 girls behind me and they were talking and they were saying

"aren't we supposed to be going to class lets go find more hot guys to look at"

, and then she said we're looking at one now ( referring to me )

this girl with a good figure id say was passing by and just like a regular guy when she passed by I looked at her and as soon as I looked at her

, she said " I saw that!" , I saw her again and she looked at me directly and started smiling

also some girls that I know have boyfriends look at me as well , more than one occasion they look at me what does that mean

and then theirs this story ( id really appreciate it if you could tell me if this girl thought I was cute)

told this girl that I liked her a lot over the summer through MySpace., and she returned with the responses with like "aww that's so sweet" , "thank you so much for everything, your a great guy" 'you a genuinely sweet guy" , " I'm happy to hear from you no matter how late you are"

and then when we got back to school she constantly tried to make eye contact with me but I was too shy to return the gaze, but one day I returned the gaze she gave me a nice big smile that real affected me in the heart, and I could swear she started blushing ,

and as usual I didn't do anything and I assumed that cost me if she liked me

because now she has a boyfriend

and now its just weird 80% of her friends are looking at me , she looks at me, she looks at my friends...

so yeah to wrap this up ill just ask the main question again

you girls wouldn't look at someone more than once unless they are cute right?

and also

i would really appreciate it if you could answer this question as well, did the girl I like thought I was cute and did liked me at a point

because I don't know I think she did like me but I've been wrong before


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  • Yeah, I would only look at a guy if I thought he was attractive. I'm assuming it's the same with this girl. That's basically my reaction whenever my crush looks at me.


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