What exactly is boho...artsy chic....?

I'm attending an event and dress code is casual boho/artsy chic with no jeans. Can you guys give me some examples..? What are some cute outfits? thanks

well it's for an art event...idk what to wear.


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  • try google images: behomian and bohemian chic... you'll get some good results...

    boho is like artsy/woodsy kind of style... one of the really prominent is the "hippy" hair like this: link

    Think like interesting patterns, wood accessories and long flowy hair... nothing tight... everything is "free". probably a skirt if you're not gonna wear jeans, or leggings under a long flowy top... :)

    Good luck and have fun! should be interesting to see everyone dressed like that... :)


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  • "Boho" is an oddly chosen abbreviation for Bohemian, and a Bohemian is someone probably most easily invisioned (for the sake of brevity) today as a Hippy or Gypsy. Go to Google and search any of these aformentioned types of people and select your clothing options accordingly.


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  • Think Sienna Miller. Do a google search on her. I'm surprised that this would be the dress code, because it is going out of style. Anyway, anything that doesn't look corporate or neat should work.

    • PS, boho is hard to do in winter, because you'll freeze in a long, floaty skirt, but try leggings with a floaty, interesting top half.