What's some body language that a girl is interested in a guy?

Like big pupils and playing with hair

but what about the other things


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  • Whenever I laugh and smile with a guy it doesn't mean I like him it just means I like talking to him.

    Touches your arm

    here's the most important thing, and I think it applies to every girl out there (again, I think)

    She makes excuses to talk to you


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  • she will treat you different to other guy's, touching and laughing is not enough on it's own because I do that with my male friends, but I don't actually touch the guy I like instead I get nervous around him. you just have to go with your gut feeling and watch if she treats you different to other guy's. :) Hope this helps

    • Oh yeah body language she will tend to face you even if she is looking or talking to someone else.

    • So if she acts different since you touch and laugh with ur guy friends you become nervous with the one you like so if she is nervous with everyone else and is touchy and laughs with me she likes me?

      and do you mean like her legs are pointed at me if she's talking to someone else?

    • Yes and yes

  • if she smiles at you

    talks to you a lot nd trys to get to no you

    giggles a lot

    gives you an innocent look

    • Is that what you do?

      and if she gives me an innocent look does that mean like she's trying to say "hey!! give some attention I'm trying to be cute for u!!"?

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    • Yea it cud it depends like rubbin on ur arms or like 3rd grade touchin lol

    • Well this one girl actually was laughing with me and kinda rubbed my knee and was like oh dustin

  • smiles a lot

    and giggles

    • So if she's laughing a lot with me its a good thing?

      i have plenty of girls joke with me at work a lot is that because they are flirts or are somewhat interested in me? I work at an Italian restaurant to

      what is ur take?

    • To me it sounds like she is interested

    • Its not one girl

      but there is one girl I am kind of interested in but she's an assistant manager and I have only been working there for a month lol

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