What are the biggest turn ons for a guy?

what turns you guys on?


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  • Just some generic Psychological stuff first:

    Cleavage: Not just the t*ts but the shadowy "V". Very nice turn-on for most men. Try crossing your arms.

    The nape of the neck: Most girls have long hair thus men rarely see this sensual area.

    Now for me personally:

    Her ass: Nice and tight, I love it.

    Psychology: The knowledge that she desires you drives me and most men over the edge and straight up.

    Challenge: Having her wrestle/tying to run away (consensual not rape) or escape in some way is great and the wrestling can be especially fun.

    Eating her out: I don't know about any other guys, but get very horny thinking about eating her out and hearing her pleasure.That's another.

    Sound: Her making pleasure noises totally turns me on. Just don't do it too much or totally fake or else you sound like bad porno actor. Just a little whimper or purr to let him know he's got something right.


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  • Generally speaking guys are turned on by femininity, in the way you speak, the way you behave, the way you look and so on.

    Me personally, there are so many things that's a turn on it's impossible to say what's the biggest. (There are also many turn offs)

    Looking at the picture in your avatar I must say that I am turned on just by looking at you. You have a very nice figure and your ass especially turns me on a lot. You definately should wear tight clothes.

  • what turns me on is yes id be a liar if I didn't say looks , how a woman carry herself her voice no dude want no chic they voice deeper than their's how a woman talks & what she talks about she follows her own footsteps if she can cook that's a major plus because we dudes love 2 eat a home cooked meal a woman who knows what she want in life which tells me she going sumwhere with herself if she can hustle meaning hold a job does she work etc etc

  • When my girl bends over to get a beer from the fridge ;)


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  • this guy below is a bit of a perv.

    make the guy like you for who

    you are!

    im serious, a low cut shirt

    and hand on his leg (close)

    and flirty kinda hang all over him.