Which outfit from KJs closet should I wear on my date?

I'm not a big fan of KJ but I looove her sense of fashion. So my babe is taking me out this weekend. He won't tell me where, but I assume its either a movie/dinner or the beach to sail on his dads yacht. I know what stores and websites sell outfits similar to these, but which should I wear. When I think of the beach, I think of colors like white and blue. When I think of the movies, I think of colors like red and black.

Outfit A: I love the shirt and skirt (minus those nonmatching shoes) from Pac Sun.
Which outfit from KJs closet should I wear on my date?
Outfit B: I love this angelic outfit with the shirt and pants. The slip in boat shoes top it off!!

Outfit C: I love this whole shebang!

Outfit D: I love how seductive and beachy this looks!

Outfit E: This is actually Kendall, but I love the beachy tone to it.

Outfit F: I rather not call myself a Duff, but this outfit would look hot for the movies.


Outfit G: I looove this outfit. Its all red and rockerish for the movies, but the "Hello Sailor" graphic tee could also work for the beach!


Outfit H: Lastly this beauty... It makes me feel all seductive and Resident Evilish!


So which will it be yall?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • D it is so hot my penis got wet from getting so hard.

    • Lol I honestly mever expected t to be the hottest, but everyone seems to love The D

    • lol the D kwinky dink I think not :P yeah it was really hot

    • Lol He wants the V

Most Helpful Girl

  • Outfit H is super sexy and stylish! go for it!


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What Guys Said 2

  • G, F, E and B are the best in my opinion ;)

    • Someone finally liked outfit B :)

  • Outfit D is the only good one in my opinion.

    • The white dress right?

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    • Nothing wrong with them, but I feel like they a little bit childish unlike D which is more classic

    • Well okay

What Girls Said 6

  • I voted for D. It is really cute! The others are a bit trashy in my honest opinion.
    Oh, H would be okay too.

  • Outfit D!!! It's so beautiful, I love it. H, is also good, but outfit D is the best!

    • The white dress and red dress right?

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    • Just curious, what was wrong with outfit B

    • It just looks too simple. I mean Jeans and top both are plain white. The cuts/style of that top aren't interesting enough. But loose too. And jeans is looks... boring. I don't know why but it just gives the "I don't care how I look" feel.

  • She's awesome and I love her style. I mostly like F, but D, G and H are also amazing! :)

  • Instead of copying someone else's style find your own.

  • White dress... Keep it classy..

  • I find them all pretty trashy.. sorry!