Guys, So, I have been considering getting a rather large tattoo (covering most of my back, part of my shoulder and leg. Thought?

Im wondering what guys will think of this... I will be getting a Japanese dragon tail starting on my foot which will wrap around my thigh onto my back and partly onto my shoulder. I have been wanting this tattoo for years but have always been scared of being judged as my parents never liked tattoos when I was young, I am from a rather traditional household.

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FYI this would be my first tattoo. Also, I don't have the tattoo "look", I guess you could say. I only have single ear piercings, you know the average ones.
There is no exact picture but a couple like it. I was planning no background, just dragon.


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  • I like ta2's on women. Especially colourful ones.

    But before you get that one. If you have never had a ta2 before, get something smaller so you will have an idea of what it feels like.

    Regardless of what people say, they hurt to get. Some areas are more painful than others. A piece as big as you want will literally take 100's of millions of needles. And the price could be a lot more than you are expecting.

    If you are serious about a ta2. Please go to a reputable parlor that is health board inspected. Ask friends, family, co-workers, where they got theirs done. Search Google for reviews of places near you. Do some research into it.

    • I have. Have you heard of saved tattoos in New York? Owned by Scott? It'd be expensive but I would feel more comfortable.

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    • I've heard but never seen a diagram. That's helpful... but it's all at the most discomfort... I have high pain tolerance but not that much.

    • Like I said. You might want to try something smaller first. Maybe a dragon on your upper arm, or thigh.

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  • 20 years from now, it won't look like a dragon and you'll hate it. Think about the decisions you would have made concerning your body 20 years ago. Would you be happy with those decisions now?

    • A well done tattoo does hold the test of time.

    • Even when it's applied to large areas of skin that are subject to stretching? You'll have a hard time convincing me of that.

    • Well thats your opinion, you're entitled to it. But I've got 30+ year old ta2's on my arms that look just fine still. And your biceps and elbows are possibly the most stretched area on your body.

  • Have you checked the cost of this? That will be a lot of work for the artist, and consequently will be expensive. Also have you chosen the artist? For a work of this scale, you are going to want someone very good.

  • Don't get it, there is nothing more disgusting than tattoos and piercings in my opinion

  • You will regret it in the future.

  • could u please post the link of the tattoo?

    just 2 see how it looks like exactly...:-)

  • I love Tats on a girl! If done well and follows the curves of your body it can be incredibly hot and sexy!!

  • You will regret it

  • Well, you'll definitely split your dating pool in two.

    Some guys dig tattoos, but would hook up with anything.
    Some guys find them hideous and trashy, and would never cosider an inked girl.
    And a lot of guys assume that inked chicks are easy, so you'll probably catch a lot of attention, aimed at a cheap hook-up.

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