Are winter clothes a turn-off?

OK, so it's getting to be that time of the year when walking to classes across my university campus turns into a battle against the elements (rain, snow, ice etc.) I have to walk about ten minutes one way every day and we've already had snow once this year- so I've gotten out my ski jacket, scarf, mittens and toque (ski-hat for you non-Canadians). I hate being cold, so I bundle up, but a lot of girls I see have on tiny little coats, no hats no mittens- you get the picture. I'm not one to sacrifice comfort for style or attention from guys, but I am curious- guys would you be turned off if you saw a girl dressed like me?


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  • I'd be more turned off by black and blue gangrenous skin caused by frost bite. No, I wouldn't be turned off at all by what you were wearing. I'd be turned off by the girls who are so desperate for attention they must dress so scantily in weather that isn't very permitting.


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  • a lot of girls are stupid enough to risk hypothermia and toe amputation so that they can look kewl.

  • Jeans with boots and a northface are a good look. I would never dismiss a girl because she was dressed for the weather.


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