Communicate with guys using actions or words?

A lot of questions on this site that have male and female responses have a big difference. The women say, "talk it out" when it comes to sharing feelings, wondering if he likes her, etc. The men say, "show him" or "reward positive behavior" or "avoid being critical". Guys and girls, what is your take on this?


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  • Words are over-rated because anyone can "say" a certain phrase that seems like they are sincere. "Oh hun, you look outstounding" "Of course there's nothing wrong, I haven't been cheating on you babe, you should know that" "Your gorgeous girl, you have nothing to worry about"

    You get the point... Now look at actions:

    - He always pulls you in close when you least expect it, then never wants to let you go

    - She hugs you from behind while you are working on a project like she wants you to be there

    - He strives to please you sexually knowing that he doesn't have the endurance required (not meant to be derogative)

    - He takes you out places (public or private; camping, restaurants, hiking, etc)

    Actions will be more potent than words for a long time; obviously, with a combination of the two- you will find someone that is a great soul mate. There are those that are experts with words and actions - some of them are great people, others will use you down to your last penny or ounce of patience.

    - It's your decision to understand if they are sincere or not, we all have an innate or "gut" feeling if someone is being phony or not. Use that for an advantage.

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