One look says it all?

OK. So is it true what they say.? One look into a persons eyes can tell you all you need to know?

Is flirting only about physical indicators or is there something more to that than simple animal attraction?

Is a man capable of hiding his true feelings in front of the very girl he is in love with (but does not tell her that. OBVIOUSLY)?

Guys, girls (but mostly guys ;) ) what are your thoughts on this one?

(examples are encouraged. Taken from your own life experiences! )


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  • Yep. It's definitely so. Eyes do tell a lot. Eye contact can tell you a lot about the person. And it can show you their real emotions if you read them right.

    Eye contact is a scientifically proved way of making person fall in love with you. Try it yourself and you will see the difference. Just remember to go slowly. Look in their eyes when speaking and listening; you will be engaging psychological phenomenon without being obvious.


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  • Yeah its so true one look into the persons eyes can tell what you have been trying to find out. I did put up in one of my stories/articles. An insight into what the wondrous eyes can do if considered part of body language.

    Flirting starts with subtle moves, and then moves onto something much more obvious as exemplified by you - 'animal attraction' ;-)

    It depends on the guy, how truly he has interaction with his inner self, conscience as they call it. Yes a man is capable of hiding his true feelings in front of anybody, even his girl -

    One of my school buddies is a perfect example, sweet innocent , immaculate flirt and a master in a technique he calls "bonding with the soul". He has so much control over both, that he makes me look like a dunce when it comes to analyzing his body language.

    • Tell me more about this "bonding with the soul" technique. ;)

    • He is one weird chap. A huge social circle, any noticeable pub or disc you go in the city chances are the owner or some equally hotshot person in that knows him. Every female he sleeps with he brings this new kind of experience with her; earlier I thought maybe he is plain simple dumb he can't make with the girls, then I realized the reality. They say your eyes give in to what your soul is trying to say, he's mastered it so well...that he can convince people that the feelings comin out are genuine.

  • I really believe in the eye thing. It is all animal instinct (head tilts forward the eyes are locked together neither blinks and the pupils become dilated. I'm pretty sure that's something we can't as humans really control.

    Man is capable of hiding his true feelings around a female "when her boyfriend is around" heehee

    These are my thoughts

    I was taken, and my crush was taken, we where all friends. But when my s. O. And her s. O. Where not around, the fire between our eyes could have set the room ablaze, this will be truly something you will know when it happens.

    Is this a crush you have on some guy? Is he attached? You want him don't you?. The only reason I ask is because when I was crushing this is the same question I asked myself at one point.

    • Yup. I'm talking about a specific guy. He's not attached. He likes me A LOT. I can tell. And he shows this to me in every possible way, but the problem is I'm the shyest girl ever and he's the shyest guy ever! Hm. And it's depressing really. :(

    • Having some tequila shots together will have you guys all over each other in no time! (seriously)

      don't be shy? try loosing up some:) Go get your man!!!! (let us know how it goes:)

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  • I think the look says a lot, but maybe doesn't exactly tell it ALL.

    You can typically look into someone's eyes to see if they are lying or how they are feeling. But for me looking into someone's eyes doesn't tell me a whole lot about that person. I think the eyes express feelings pretty well but not necessarily personality.

    When the eyes are pretty, sure it's nice to look into them, but I don't gauge everything about a person on the way he or she looks at me.

  • yeah when a guy looks at you a certain way, you can tell they're really into you

  • I heard from one friend that if your talking to an opposite sex, and you look really closely at their eye, and when that circle gets bigger and bigger as you two talk, that means his interested. If you don't get what I'm saying, I'll give you an example: there are three circles in an eye. If that third little circle gets bigger and bigger, that means his into you. You can really tell if the person has really light eyes. If you have dark eyes, you have an advantage.

  • I think that one looks tells all.

    flirting is for players unfortunately

    and yes a man is very capable of hiding his true feelings

    • I know that a man can hide his feelings in front of anyone. When talking about self control, but he is not able to hide it in the way he looks at that certain girl. Or he'll just be staring at his feet all day! =)