GAG'ers, do accessories accentuate a body part or draw the attention towards the accessory itself?

This morning I saw a television problem where the statement was that accessories worn with an outfit, often serve to accentuate a body part you find beautiful.
Maybe I've been blind but I had never seen it that way... I'd even think some accessories draw the attention away from the body part they're worn on.

I think that with accessories they meant everything from earrings, hairbands, necklaces, bracelets, to a flashy belt, pantyhose, open shoes,...

I must admit I'm not certain about the anwer. Looking forward to your insight!

  • They help draw attention on body parts
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  • They draw the attention away from certain body parts
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  • They simply belong to the outfit but do none of the above
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What Girls Said 8

  • yes accessories can act as eyecatch

    • Yeah that's the funny thing of the question: if they act as eyecatch... do they draw attention to or away from the body part where you wear them? When I heard the statement it made me start to think. And the more you think about it the more you realize the answer is double haha.

    • lol yeah it can draw attention to the body just like it can draw attention away from the body

    • Yeah perhaps it's a question of checking out the guy's reactions!
      If we start sweating it works :-)

  • I think they're meant to draw attention towards a specific body part, but you can use them to draw attention away too.

    For example:
    Piercings (septum, belly button, tongue, ears) and basically any type of jewelry all draw attention to parts of the body. Other things include: Belts can be used to accentuate a small waist, corsets, fancy leggings, panty hose ( they helps sculpt the butt and legs).

    For drawing attention away is harder to identify:
    Shawls, make up, any shoes with height... just anything you use to "improve" you appearance.

    And then there are lines. These can hide ("improve") and or draw attention to the body.
    Vertical- Give an apparance of a slimer___.
    Horizontal- Makes things appear curvier.

    Credit: Fashion and interior design class freshman year :D

  • It can apply to all those above. Some wear a necklace that draws to their cleavage to accentuate it. I prefer a longer necklace that draws away from my upper half.
    I also have a statement watch that I wear almost everyday just because I like it.
    But it really depends on what your trying to do

    • That probably explains why I hesitated... can be both. Sounds logical :-)

  • it depends on where it is. obviously a necklace draws attention to a womans neck, if short, or breast, if long. very showy belts draw attention to a mans critch fro sure.. a bracelette or watch on the other hand, I think we're paying more attention to than that persons wrist.

    • Yeah I suppose it's a question of intuition, to see if an accessory will draw attention or deviate attention...

  • Sometimes it draws attention to the body part and sometimes it accentuates the outfit.

    • Thanks! It's like the GAG relationship status "it's complicated" hahaha :-)

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    • That's nice, welcome on board the supermod squad. Let's keep the creeps away and put the axle into the offensive posts :-)

    • Lol thanks. Will do.

  • It really depends on the jewelry. So I can not pick anything above.

  • It can either draw attention to or away from an area of the body.

    • Yeah it's a question of the "tactics of the lady" haha :D

  • I think its sometimes help draw attention to the body part and just it simply goes with the outfit.


What Guys Said 4

  • It's all a matter of controlling how people look at you; a good necklace will make people scan your face upwards or your body downwards and a glimmering belt will do the same.

    This image for instance using an oversized belt to force you to scan upwards (focusing on the abs) meanwhile

    This tie is the automatic centerpiece forcing you to scan downwards for the same benefit.

    The gain is that the first picture scans up into a hidden face while the second scans down to emphasize the body. You'll automatically formulate your decision based on these things and then scan the whole picture finding the person more attractive or enticing to a degree or holding more of an ideal (in this case masculinity) than you may have previously.

  • I noticed that when a woman wears a belt with her pants it draws attention to that area and balances the outfit out, ladies wear belts more often it's a good thing!

    • Yeah I think you're right!
      Though it shouldn't draw the attention to sucha a degree that people don't notice the rest anymore :o

  • No idea. A little of both, I guess.

    • Yeah the more you think about that the more you realize that it's a difficult answer :-)
      That's why I asked the question... and indeed the answers are very diverse!

  • Yeah clothes can trick people

    • Haha yeah and some people master the tricks to make best use of them to create that one look :-)