What kind of clothes should I wear when exercising outside (Born a guy becoming a girl)?

Alright. Before anyone says anything I should mention. I am born a guy and I am transitioning into a girl. Usually I'm wearing jeans, a tshirt, and a sweater when excercising and I'm getting sick of it. Especiall because jeans is what's causing me not want to excercise. I don't plan on asking anyone, because it's kinda embarassing asking my friends what I should wear. I just want something that's cute and girly that I can wear.

Anyways... for the bottom, If your going to say yoga pants or Legging/Compression pants, I can't because... Er... That thing between my crotch is in the way.

As for top, I don't know if I need a bra. I am a 32B but I think it's mostly my bust that's taking the most part of it, I fit in a 32B bra and I barely have boobs. (When I run it barely bounces, so I'm not bothered by it much) I don't know, someone at VS just measured me and told me that's my size.

So... anyways the main questions are
1. What kind of pants should I wear that won't show stuff between my crotch?
2. Should I wear a bra, I am a 32B but my boobs barely bounce?
3. What kind of top should I wear?

(Links to photos/examples and helping me picking out what clothes I should buy would be very helpful as well)

Please don't say, oh just get a sex change. That's around 60,000$. I can't afford that.

And as for hormones: I'm on them. That's why I have boobs.


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  • Kendall Jenner exercises a lot, and she dresses really good for exercising. Try searching "Kendall Jenner exercise". Wear a sports bra with tight shorts, but that might not be best for you if you're trying to hide your male parts. So maybe a tight fitness skirt. Or you could wear yoga pants and a flowy top (this might be your best bet.) Good luck :)

    • Well, I know a pencil skirt won't work for me. There's a tiny bulge. So do you think a tight fitness skirt will? Or is it a bit looser? I'm pretty small in size so I think that should help a bit.

    • ya its sort of tight around your thighs but gives you plenty of space in the crotch.

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  • wear what girls do

  • Stop trying be something that you weren't born to be. You were born a guy so just be a dude.


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  • Why don't you just wear sweat pants or shorts with a tank top?
    Isn't there some underwear that'd hide or tuck it? You should ask your friends.
    Sure, wear a bra.

    • Well, I can't wear tank top. I kinda have a broad shoulders and a little buffer then most girls. And as for underwear, well. It's probably going to be pretty hard to get it to stay down. And as for my friends, I can't. None of them know about me. Lol.

    • Ah.. Well damn.
      Sorry, I don't know then.

  • If you are have girls as a friend, go shopping with them and let them advise you. Trust them.

    • I do. However, most of my friend's don't know about me. And if I ask them, it'd be kinda weird.

    • Why weird. Just be honoust. They will have to learn to know you like that.

    • From experience though, many girls spread rumors. So I stopped. And so far, no rumors occurred. And I'm happy about that.

  • You're adorable. And wear some sweats or girls joggers :)

    • Daw, thanks -^^-. How loose are they usually?

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    • Wouldn't super baggy look weird on girls? Or maybe I'm just being paranoid.

    • No, a lot of girls like that look. And sweats come in all different styles, you'll find a fit you're comfortable with :) and in the end, it's how you wear something, not what you wear.

  • Trousers and sports bra would be perfect.

    • Trousers and exercise seems kinda difficult

    • Try jersey pants.

  • I think you should get "that thing" away, get an operation and take hormones or something like that because it's gross to have a dick and trying to dress like a girl, if you really wanna be a girl you should consider an operation

    • You do know, it's pretty expensive right? 60,000$. Besides I am on hormones. That's why I have some boos.

    • Uhhh that's difficult but save money and do that you'll have to wait some time but yeah being a ladyboy isn't nice and well for now wear some loose shorts and a tight shirt if your boobs are small,