Anyone here with straight hair who got a digital perm?

I have a few questions.
Does your hair need more maintenance than before? Conditioning etc.
Do you need more or less time in the morning to do your hair?
Does your hair look like the right pic when you wake up or do you need to style it?
Anyone here with straight hair who got a digital perm?


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  • I need more conditioning after I got perm, it's a little bit dry so I need to make sure it stays moisturized and still smooth. My hair looks like the first picture every morning, I don't really need to style it anymore XD You can see my profile picture, that's what my hair looks like everyday :)

    • It's nice! And so is your drawing ^^ you are very talented!
      Would you say you spend more or less than 5 mins on your hair?
      I heard that you have to change your behavior to accommodate your hair texture. You can't just mindlessly comb through your hair with your fingers anymore, because it will cause entanglement and you have to learn to not touch your hair anymore. Is this true?

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    • Oh and thank you for complimenting my drawing!! :D

    • You're welcome :)
      Ah, that's good to know. Thank you!

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