How do I tell girl I liked it better when she did her makeup differently without hurting her feelings or self esteem, or being offensive?

She used to do her make in a way i liked a lot now she does it differently and its not as good... Whats a good way to tell her without hurting her feelings, self esteem, or being offensive?

*tell "my" girl
I forgot to say we are dating, sorry


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  • Why do you need to tell her in the first place? If she likes it, she likes it. Your opinion doesn't matter unless if she asks.

    • Even if your dating? Im asking cuz this never been a problem before and i want a variety of different opinions

    • That's completely different. You didn't say anything about dating. If you're dating, she's going to ask you how she looks more like and you be honest then. Don't bring it up.

      If you know you have a little belly and you're self-conscious about it, would you like her to point out "Hey, when are we going to go to the gym so you can work on your gut?"

      If you're dating, then I would say "Are you doing your make-up the way I love?" It will more than likely lead to a discussion.

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  • You don't. It's her choice to do her make up however she wants with or without your approval :/

    • Even though were basically dating now

    • I can't say anything unless she asks?

    • It doesn't matter if you were *married*. It's her body, her time, her money, and her skill going into it. Take this idea that you are somehow entitled to how she looks and get rid of it.

      If she specifically asks you if you like her makeup then you are allowed to offer your opinion as long as you finish with saying that it's her choice and you respect whatever she decides.

  • If she asks, sure go ahead and express your opinion.
    but if she doesn't ask, your opinion isn't really needed. If she likes it and it makes her feel good to do her make up a certain way, why get involved?


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  • "i prefer it this way basically"

    trust me... u won't hurt her ;-)