How to put on eyeliner!

Okay so I have a question

when putting on eyeliner are you suppose to blend it in with the eye shadow or are you suppose to just draw the line and leave it?

and any other make up tips you guys might have?


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  • uh... it depends what you're going for... I usually put a bit of eyeshadow on top (same color as I'm doing my eyelid) so it doesn't look so harsh...

    What do you wanna know? it's a pretty general question... lol

    Use mascara and gloss and usually, you don't need anything else...

    Uh, don't need to cake it on, guys usually like the natural look.

    don't use foundation unless you really need to/have a really good one, because it is not that great for your skin.

    Find the colors that suit you best.

    decide if you like liquid or pencil eyeliner... you need to try both to know... :)

    Go to a store that sells makeup and they usually have a counter where they will do your makeup... it's pretty cool! =]

    anything else?

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for the advice :)

      But I've experiment using black and dark brown eye liner I just draw a straight line but as for eye shadow I use pink and like pastel colors

      just wondering if I should smudge the eye liner..

      eh what kind of of look? I don't have a look in mind. just a simple everyday look (night and evening)

    • In my opinion, smudging the eyeliner would be for a more evening look... this is like, really smudged...

      I think you can do both.... non smudge for a day look and smudge for a night/evening look... :)

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  • I have a 3 fold mirror and one on the table that I usually do my make up. I'll put my elbow down on the table and then just put my hair up. I draw a line under and then on on my eye lid closest to my lashes. are we talking liquid liner or pencil? I usually use liquid and putting my elbow down helps steady my hand to draw the line and I start from the inside and then pull out. When I make the 'wing" I'll go from outside in.

  • Well,with the liquid liner,I feel you have more options so I would suggest trying that.With liquid,after you've done the basic routine,you can draw little patterns of stars or hearts or whatever you're into on the outer corner.There are really lots of options.As for the smudging thing,that would be more appropriate for a sort-of 'seductive' look,and just the line is more an everyday thing.For the rest of the makeup you should just keep your skin clean and maybe wear some light lip gloss like mormongirlmich said.But on a night out or a party perhaps,if you're daring,you could do a dark brown shadow,smudged eyeliner winged-out slightly,and a dark pink/warm red lipgloss.I think that would look good if you have the confidence to wear it and can pull it off.

    I hope this helped!


    • Thank you for your advice as well.

      I don't usually put on make up but I thought I'd experiment and try out what look I like best.

      but after a few days of experiment my eye liner put on skills tend to work out better. :)

      I mean I can put on like mascara and that's about it I put on as a daily look.

      but I think I look so simple and plain ...and I'm not really consider a make up girl but I don't know suddenly I just want to put on make up (not the dramatic look but something simple and nice.. .u know?

    • Yeah I know what you mean.Like a little spice to the face,haha.Just keep experimenting 'till you find what suits you best.Youtube also has a bunch of tutorials on how to put on different styles of makeup so maybe you should check those out,find some cool yet subtle looks.