Why doesn't this guy I like look at me in the eye when I talk to him?

I like this guy but he's like 7 years older than me. Every time I talk to him he looks at me for a short time but then he keeps looking away. Does that mean he doesn't like me?


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  • Prolonged eye contact is creepy.. isn't it? That's why he has to look away once in a while.. we all do it.. I'm sure his feelings for you are the same as your thought before.. breaking eye contact doesn't mean much.. Avoiding eye contact all together could mean something.

    • My friend had told this guy that I liked him but I acted like I ddnt. We still talk the same but how do I let him know I still like him without looking desperate?

    • I guess you could start acting like you like him.. hahah keep that eye contact even when he breaks it.. but you can look away for a second or 2.. and go back to the eye contact.. And playing with your hair a little is a great sign to let him know you still like him.. while keeping the eye contact, just put your hair behind your ear.. you know, positive body language.

  • If you like someone then look in his eyes strait when you are talking with him, if he like u, he'll definitely do the same


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