What are your most dependable long sleeve shirt brands for skinny guys?

Does anyone have any recommendations on brands that offer high quality long sleeve shirts in skinny/tapered fits?


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  • Apparelnbags store is very well known for their long sleeve shirts - modern skinny fit totally win. I'd also recommend ASOS since they offer a made to measure option. Otherwise J. Crew.


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  • Wal-Mart lol.


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  • what's your height/weight?

    • I am pretty skinny at 5"11 and 143lbs.

    • Does a small fit, or too short?

      I wear medium tall stuff when i can get it, but you're a little shorter/thinner than me. You probably need 'small/tall' which basically doesn't exist.

      I'd try small in brands cut long, maaaaaybe medium tall stuff if you don't mind a little loose, or mediums in brands that are cut tight.

      For standard 'medium tall' try lands end.

      You might be able to get slim cut stuff from brands like American apparel, H&M, uniqlo.

      Your advantage over me is a lot of stuff is too short for me, you're set as long as its thin enough.

    • You mentioned j crew and club monacco by the way. what size are you trying and how does it not fit?

  • Old Navy does okay by me.