What Hair Cut and Colour should I change to?

I have a hairdressers appointment in a few days and really need an image change. This old bayalage style needs to go!

What do you think would suit my face? (and what face shape do you think I have?).


What Hair Cut and Colour should I change to?

  • Go Lighter Shades (light brown, dark blonde)
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  • Go Darker Shades (dark brown, caramel)
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  • Go Warm Shades (auburn, red, gold)
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  • Go Cooler Shades (ashy brown/blonde, other..)
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  • Try a Fringe (bangs)
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  • Other - please list
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  • Haha this is really hard, i'm blocking out sections of your hair with my hand since the top is dark and the bottom is light to get an idea. But I personally think an auburn or red would look good on you, ask your hairdresser to make sure :)

    • I also think you need a haircut, you look younger with long hair of course, but I think that shorter hair that goes to your shoulders or below your shoulders would look better and more mature.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • if i were yr place i would not bother changing my hair color, the color u own right now fits perfectly but if u change your color go for darker shades or else u would look weird cause u already have a fair complex...